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Change Selection Color

Choose any color you like, or use
the default color from the theme.

Customize Canvas Darkness

Darken the canvas to best
complement your design. Use it
even without a dark theme.

Desaturate Toolbar Icons

Go completely monochrome with
the option to gray out toolbar icons.

Easy Configuration

Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of Sketch and macOS does Knight support?

Knight is compatible with Sketch 48+ and above, running on macOS Sierra or above ( MacOS 10.12 + ).

Will using the theme affect Sketch performance?

This may depend on the configuration of your Mac. We have tested Knight with large Sketch documents and have seen no difference in performance. If you think Knight is causing performance lag for you please contact us.

Can I design my own theme?

We have plans to make a theme editor in the future, but for now it is not officially supported.

On how many Macs can I use my license?

One license can be used 1 Mac on 12 Month

Why do I need to pay for Knight?

Since dark theme is not a native feature on macOS (as yet) we have to meticulously skin every element in the UI. Building and maintaining this system requires a lot of time and effort. By supporting Knight with your payment, you will help us dedicate our time to keep the plugin updated for each new Sketch release.

How can I disable or uninstall Knight?

Go to the Plugins section in Sketch - Preferences and control-click on Knight. You will get options to disable or uninstall the plugin. Then restart Sketch to apply changes.